Magic Cube White/Blue/Black


Magic Cube Size:

7.5 cm x 5.5 cm 

Magic Cube Details

Our Magic Cube has twelve different sides you can use to fidget with!

  1. Spin or Click
  2. Gears you can roll
  3. 4 Buttons you can click
  4. Massaging fingers on the rugged soft silicone surface
  5. Soft silicone you can move around and pinch
  6. Sliding blocks
  7. Switch you can rock back and forth
  8. Pen like clicker
  9. Thumb-sized indentation used for anxiety relief or relaxation
  10. 3 Soft silicone minions you can move around and pinch
  11. Just like the keyring on your keys, you can swing the Magic Cube back and forth
  12. Joystick you can use to glide around or click

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