Meet The Team

Erica, Designer

Erica (who also happens to be the mother of Dylan) is what keeps the heart of Street Co beating. She works together on the creation of new designs, and is also in charge of beading each bracelet by hand.

Phil, Operations and Finances

Phil is responsible for the money side of things at Street Co, and also works with Dylan and Erica to make sure operations are going smoothly.

Derek, Marketing

Derek is the digital marketing guy on the Street Co team. He is in charge of everything people see from us on Facebook! 

Prior to Street Co., Derek worked in the wealth management industry, something he quickly realized wasn’t right for him. He has been involved in marketing for over 3 years now and is an integral part of our team as we grow!

Dylan, Founder & CEO 

Even as a young child, I've been conscious about how I dressed, and how I looked. However, I've never paid any attention to fashion accessories, because none really caught my eye. Since I couldn't find any that I liked, I finally decided, in January 2015, to start Street Co.

With our motto "Stand Out" in mind, I started to create my own unique, quality designs that ensures you stand out from the crowd.

To make a statement without saying a word. This is my vision for Street Co.