How do I cancel?

Cancelling is quick and easy. There is no cancellation fee and no hassle.

1. Go to 'My Account' and login

2. Click 'Subscriptions'

3. Click the cancel button beside the plan you are subscribed to


Is there any taxes?

Nope! All taxes are included in the subscription price.


My bracelet broke! What should I do?

Please email us a photo of the broken bracelet and we will have a replacement sent to you ASAP!


When do I get billed?

After your initial subscription, your card on file will be charged on the day of the month in which you originally signed up.


Where do you ship?

At the moment we only ship our subscription bracelets to the following countries:


USA, Canada, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Austria, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania & Sweden.


How do I change my charm choice and size?

1. Go to 'My Account' and login

2. Go to 'My Profile'

3. Click the 'Edit' button where it shows your address


How do I update my payment information?

1. Go to 'My Account' and login

2. Click on 'Payment Methods'

Under this section you can add or remove your payment methods.


How do I update my shipping or billing address?

To update your shipping address:

1. Go to 'My Account' and login

2. Click 'My Profile'

3. Beside your shipping address click the 'Edit' button


To update your billing address:

1. Go to 'My Account' and login

2. Click 'Payment Methods'

You will need to remove your existing credit card and add a new one, here you can add your new billing address.